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Frequently asked questions and answers.

Our core services are translation, proofreading to correct linguistic errors and straighten out stylistic flaws, and editing longer texts for improvement and harmonisation. Additionally, we assess the language quality of third-party copy or translations (LQA) and review samples for quality assurance purposes.

We can also analyse screenshots, builds, etc. in order to identify, document and fix linguistic and cosmetic localisation issues. Locando does not provide localisation testing of PC and console titles.

Feel free to contact us. We will help you if we can. We are perfectly familiar with agencies and their processes, and will make you a fair offer.
Not in the classical sense. Locando offers a single point of contact for translation services in many different languages. Depending on our clients’ requirements, we may use our network of highly reliable partners, with whom we have our own service agreements, to deliver such services. We work with freelance linguists and other small businesses like ours on equal terms.

In this way, you can access high-quality services in multiple languages through a single point of contact, and save on expensive PM fees. However, unlike large agencies, we do not provide long price lists with guaranteed availability for whole tiers of languages, which is a necessity in some scenarios. In such cases we are happy to suggest a suitable agency for your project.

We will always make you an offer that is based on your actual requirements, and on our availability.

We will present you with a competitive offer based on your individual requirements as a direct client, an agency or a colleague.
Our services are aimed at clients who require translations mainly related to games and apps and/or web and marketing. We are just as happy to work with you if you are a developer or publisher as we are to help you if you are an LPM or VM at an agency. Furthermore, we will gladly join forces with freelance colleagues or other small- or medium-sized language service providers in order to tackle larger challenges together.

We believe that strong skill and cooperation are the key to success, and our close and longstanding relations with clients, colleagues and partners are based on mutual trust. Our technology and know-how enable us to make you an offer that is tailored to your individual requirements.

We are happy to review your text before we start translating it and raise questions in advance. This helps to avoid misinterpretation and the need for subsequent revisions. Please remember to ask us to include a preliminary review of the source text in our quote.
We prefer to work in memoQ and SDL Studio. However, we are also experienced users of browser-based translation tools such as XTM, Smartling, Transifex, etc., and are familiar with larger software manufacturers’ own proprietary platforms. In other words, we should be able to help you no matter what tools you require us to use.

We will comply with your technical requirements. If you have no preference, we gladly work using our own tools.

We use professional tools, and can process most files without changing their format. Unless we agree on something else, your translations will be returned to you in the same format as the original files.
We cannot always disclose information on previous work due to contractual restrictions. Our clients value our discretion.

Our team of experts has contributed to hundreds of video games of all genres over the years as in-house staff, contractors and external consultants. This includes everything from sports games for the big screen with regular instalments to those first browser games that made Facebook the gaming platform it is today, when social gaming was the latest buzzword. We are also a popular hub for MOBA and eSports localisation.

Aside from games and apps, we have several years of experience in the localisation of marketing copy and campaigns for different mobile and electronics manufacturers, as well as the leading brands in internet-related services and advertising.