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Games Ignite our Imagination.

Video games, along with serial dramas, are perhaps the most significant form of storytelling in the modern age. Their worlds echo our past and future, and we find the same kind of inspiration in their heroes that we draw from the characters of great novels and movies. Because of this, gaming franchises like Halo, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, and MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft have had a massive impact on entire generations.


Tap the full potential of your game by opting for a complete localisation.

Some people believe that fully localising a game is expensive, but this is not necessarily so.

By incorporating localisation into your development schedule at an early stage rather than implementing translations at the end of the process, you can save significant amounts of time and money and increase the reach of your business in rapidly expanding markets.

It is sometimes said that full localisation is for AAA titles only. The truth is that any game will stand or fall based on its appeal to the international market, and therefore, good localisation is always essential.

This does not only apply to grand epics for home consoles. Diligent localisation has proven to be instrumental in a whole string of success stories—after all, do you know anyone who hasn’t heard of Candy Crush?

Mobile apps that add localisation have been shown to increase their download volume by 128% and their revenue by 26% during the first week of sales.*

Set the right priorities for your next project. Talk to us and tell us about your game or app.

We have contributed to the localisation of many major titles in recent years in various roles. Ask us for a quote for translation, review, editing, and/or quality assurance in any language you require.

* Figures from 2012.

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It’s always a pleasure to work with Locando. The service is reliable, projects are handled smoothly and efficiently and most importantly, their communication is excellent.
JT Hwang, Senior Localization Manager, NCSOFT West

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